You can leave the car at home

Provincetown has more bike parking spaces per capita than anywhere else in the US. So how can you take advantage of your bike to run more errands?

This one-hour class will dispel the myths and prepare you to use your bike for more trips around town.

You’ll discover:

  • How much you can fit on a typical bike,

  • The cheap accessories that make it easy to shop with your bike,

  • How using your bike to shop helps the environment, reduces traffic congestion, and saves you money.

Bike parking at Stop & Shop in Provincetown.

Bike parking at Stop & Shop in Provincetown.

Just $20 per person, free for kids age 16 & under

Detailed description

Go Shopping by Bike

1 hour. Outdoor classroom. $10 per adult, free for kids age 16 & under.

Interested in reducing your carbon footprint but can’t figure out how to do your grocery shopping with your bike? Over 40% of car trips in the US are less than a mile, so there’s a huge opportunity to help save the planet just by biking to the store from time to time.

Can’t stand wobbling around with your shopping bags hanging on your handlebars? Find you’ve bought more than you can carry home?

I’ll show you the joy of bungee cords, grocery panniers, and center kickstands. We’ll see how much we can load on a “regular” bike before it topples over. And you’ll find out what “quaxing” is and how to embrace it.

You’ll get an intro to cargo bikes (bakfietsen), the SUVs of the bike world. I’ll have my bakfiets on hand to show you how you can turn a spare bike into a hauling machine for much smaller investment than buying a new purpose-built cargo bike.

You’ll go home with my favorite gear list, links to fantastic online resources, and a chance to win something from my grab bag of prizes.

It’s easy to go shopping by bike with a pannier bag!

It’s easy to go shopping by bike with a pannier bag!

What to bring

Just yourself, your camera, and a notebook if you’re so inclined.

Where we’ll meet

This class meets at The Commons, 46 Bradford Street (next to Ptown Bikes). We will use the outdoor classroom unless the weather doesn’t cooperate, when the class will move inside.