Explore Provincetown by Bike!

One of my favorite spots on the beach to show to visitors (and theres’s a new bike rack here now!)

Long-time visitors to the site will notice a lot of recent changes. I'm making a foray into hosting guided bike tours around town starting in April 2019, so the blog will be turning to that project while still reporting and discussing bike issues here on the Outer Cape.

Here’s a sneak peek at the first tour I've put together, with a some of the things you'll see...


2 hours, about 6 miles. Easy/Moderate.

This is a fun orientation tour for any first-time visitor to get the lay of the land or anyone who wants to learn more about the town’s environment, history, art, culture, LGBT night spots, and the fun events that take place all year round.

You’ll get an insider take on the must-do activities and hidden places that are off the beaten path and find out what it’s like to live at the end of the earth.

We start at one of the bike shops and after you get fitted with a bike and helmet we will wind through town with frequent stops. (The start location will vary depending on bike availability.)

The ride is relatively flat with a couple of hills and we will ride at a slow pace so you can take in the sights along the way.

Some of the places on the itinerary include:

  • An art gallery on the beach,

  • A working artist's studio,

  • The oldest house in town,

  • An abandoned pier and railway,

  • The ruin of a waterfront windmill,

  • The pier where Eugene O'Neill and the Provincetown Players started American theater,

  • The new dune that the town is building on the harbor to combat sea level rise,

  • Resting places of artists and writers,

  • The oldest continuously operating gay bar in the US, and

  • My favorite foodie haunts that are open year-round, including the best coffee town!

Tours will run as long as the weather is reasonable, which will likely be April to the end of November.

Starting the business

I realized that I really enjoy talking about town and seeing how much our visitors enjoy coming here. Obviously I really like riding a bike, too! And I’d love to help contribute to improving the “shoulder season” here by offering an activity for visitors that can start early in the spring and continue into the late fall.

But launching a new business is far more complex than I had anticipated. (I’ve done it in the past but had lots of advisors who handled the details.)

Marketing, web sites, booking software, business certificates, incorporating, accounting, budgeting, and all of the minute details that go into forecasting cash flow and whatnot seem like overkill for a one-person part-time business. But it’s necessary to make it all work.

This is an exciting time for me, and since the summer season has wound down there’s plenty of time to talk to other folks who have small businesses in town (at least the ones who are still here an haven’t decamped for warmer climates!).

Keep an eye out for more to come this winter!

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