Action Alert: Bike Safety Bills

MassBike is active on social media to rally support for bicycle safety legislation.

UPDATE: Added a link to the Bike Path Crosswalk Bill.

MassBike is asking citizens to get in touch with their local legislators to support four bike safety bills that are coming up for hearings on January 6 at the Massachusetts State House.

They all seem like common sense.

The Truck Side Guard Bill

(H. 3019/S. 1810) would require large trucks registered in Massachusetts to have convex mirrors and side guards to protect people on bikes and on foot from getting trapped under turning vehicles. Similar laws are already in place in other states and in a number of other countries. Put simply, side guards save lives.

The Bike Lane Bill

(H. 3072/S. 1808) would allow towns and cities to fine motorists who obstruct bike lanes with their cars. I don't think many people realize this gap in enforcement. I always assumed that cars parked in bike lanes could be ticketed, but they can't! This bill would allow for a fine up to $100.

The Vulnerable Users Bill

 (H. 3073/S. 1807) formalizes the existing passing regulations to require at least 3 feet when passing someone riding a bike or walking. It also allows drivers to cross a center line to pass safely. Current law doesn't specify a safe distance.

The Bike Path Crosswalk Bill

(S. 1809) would grant people on bikes the right-of-way in a bike path that crosses a road. This puts people on bikes on the same footing as people who are walking, but still requires people riding bikes to yield to pedestrians.

If you live in Provincetown, let your local legislators know that you support these bills! You can reach out to Representative Sarah Peake via email to and Senator Dan Wolfe via email to


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