November sunset (with bicycle)

Sunsets here in Provincetown are always beautiful, but this one was so much more surreal than usual that I had to try to capture a picture. I was on my way home from the grocery store and the light outside was so spectacular -- everything was draped in a soft glowing pink and orange. So I took the long way home up through the cemetery to the highest point on the path and took a few stills and a little video with my iPhone.

It's no wonder that painters rave about the light here. It really has an atmospheric quality that I've never seen anywhere else.

A stunning sunset behind the Pilgrim Monument seen from the cemetery in Provincetown (with a bike, of course).

In the background is the Pilgrim Monument, a constant visual reminder that the Mayflower landed here in 1620 before heading off to Plymouth (all they got was a rock). In the foreground is my bike, still decorated with its Halloween-inspired spokes and cutout bats.