Traffic study kick-off to take place June 18

A sharrow covered in sand on the road at Herring Cove in the Cape Cod National Seashore, Provincetown

This week's Provincetown Banner reported on the Board of Selectmen meeting where they approved the scope of work for the upcoming town-wide parking, circulation, and bicycle study. Reporter Peter Brown talked to Glenn Cannon of the Cape Cod Commission, and Cannon is quoted saying that a kick-off meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 18 at 5:00 PM in Caucus Hall at Provincetown Town Hall.

Selectmen Tom Donegan and Raphael Richter both chimed in with their perspectives. Donegan expressed interest in getting a better handle on the traffic flow at the intersection of Conwell St. and Bradford St. and at the Lopes Square entrance to MacMillan Pier and the waterfront municipal parking lot. He also said he'd like to have more data so the selectmen would have some backup for reviewing citizen proposals for traffic changes at the town's annual traffic hearings.

Richter expressed his interest in getting a look at the data that is collected before the Commission completes its report. He said he'd like to see more "first-hand knowledge" applied to finding solutions to the town's traffic problems.

Finally, I was quoted saying that I am looking forward to the study and having more data to justify bike improvements around town, including bringing back the sharrows that were painted on Commercial St. in 2012 but never returned after the street was repaved.

The Cape Cod Commission has put up a web page for the project here:

PDF of the Banner article: 20150604 Banner - Selectmen give go-ahead for county traffic study