Provincetown Parking, Circulation and Bicycle Study scope of work approved

2015 Provincetown Parking, Circulation and Bicycle Study Scope of Work - cover

Provincetown's Board of Selectmen voted tonight to approve the scope of work for a traffic study by the Cape Cod Commission which will include bicycle circulation and parking in town! The town's contribution to pay for the study is $33,000 of the estimated $110,000 total cost. Acting Town Manager David Gardner and town Finance Director Dan Hort indicated that funds are available to pay for the town's portion of the cost, but no detail was provided on precisely where that funding will come from.

The proposal was first reviewed by the selectmen two weeks ago. I spoke at that meeting to ask that bicycles and bike parking be more explicitly included in the study since they are a huge part of the transportation scheme in town during the summer. The selectmen concurred and asked the Commission to come back with a scope that included more analysis of bicycling in town.

The revised proposal presented tonight responded to those requests and includes both bicycle circulation and bicycle parking. The proposal was also re-titled to "Provincetown Parking, Circulation and Bicycle Study" to reflect this expanded scope.

Glenn Cannon of the Cape Cod Commission said there will be an open forum for residents to participate in June to help identify problem areas. Data collection will take place over the course of two weekends in July and August and a draft of the report will be presented in September. The project team will be using bluetooth tracking devices called "BlueTOAD" that will enable them to identify vehicle trips by capturing the bluetooth signals sent out by cell phones as vehicles travel around town.

Cannon said the final report should probably be able to be completed over the winter, well ahead of the 12-month timeline outlined in the scope of work.

You can see a PDF of the complete scope of work here: