No Bikes on Trees

Town Hall - violation bike on tree
A bike tagged with a violation at Town Hall

Town has started enforcing the bicycle parking bylaw that prohibits locking bikes to street trees. A bike found locked to a tree will have its lock cut and be removed immediately. Plus there’s a $50 fine for violating a town bylaw.

According to the town’s beautification committee, trees get damaged by having bikes repeatedly locked to them. There are very few street trees in town — Commercial Street has only nine street trees, and they’re all relatively recent additions to the streetscape.

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No Bicycles on Poles?

No Bicycles on Poles
No Bicycles on Poles sign

Another member of the Bicycle Committee posted a picture of one of these signs on Facebook recently, and the discussion there was lively. Should these signs be removed? Probably. Will they be? Probably not.

There are a number of these “No Bicycles on Poles” signs on the poles along Standish St. next to the beach taxi parking spaces for Art’s Dune Tours. They’ve been there as long as anyone can remember. And they’re completely unenforceable. Continue reading No Bicycles on Poles?